RouterUPS is not turning on / not working

RouterUPS is not turning on / not working

If your RouterUPS is not turning on, you can try the following steps to see if it can be made to work again.
  1. Move the switch provided on the side of the RouterUPS device to ON position
  2. Check if all the cables and connectors are tightly plugged in to the sockets
  3. Check if the power adapter plug is tightly fitted into the wall sockets.
  4. Check if the main power is turned on at the wall sockets.
  5. Check if WiFi Router is switched on.
  6. Let the RouterUPS get charged for 1 hour on the main power after installing.
If you have checked all the above steps and still the RouterUPS is not turning ON or not working, then please Submit a Ticket so that our Customer Care can contact you for further assistance.

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