Cables for Connecting Two Devices: DC Splitter Cable and MVC (Multi Voltage Cable) Usage

Cables for Connecting Two Devices: DC Splitter Cable and MVC (Multi Voltage Cable) Usage

Modern internet setups have only one Wi-Fi Router however it's not uncommon some internet setup has two devices (Wi-Fi Router and a Modem). 

RouterUPS supports to provide power-backup for more than one device (subject to max power ratings).  To enable this we have DC Splitter Cable, Multi Voltage Cable. You can find these in the Accessories section for purchase. 

  1. A DC Splitter Cable is used to power when two devices have the same Voltage rating. it should not be used for devices with different Voltage ratings.
  2. Multi Voltage Cable (MVC) is for powering devices with different Voltage Ratings. 

Still Confused?  Check with your friendly RESO ( AI Bot) that you can see the bottom right at .  RESO will help you to make an informed decision and also can recommend combo options so that you can optimise your spend and have the right RouterUPS for your Wi-Fi Router

Behind every successful Router there is a RouterUPS

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